About me

Although trained as a dentist, my passion in life lies in education. Over the past 28 years, I worked in the community college arena as a Dental Director, providing education to dental assisting and dental hygiene students. Along the way, I promoted the development and use of technology at Guilford Technical Community College and within the dental department. Whether helping students achieve their goal of becoming a dental assistant or dental hygienist, training college educators on the development and use of instructional technology, or working on my personal goals in education, it is hard for me to imagine not being an educator in some form or fashion.

My journey into the use of technology began in 1994 when I purchased my first 2” thick, 8 lb. monochrome laptop projector. Armed with Windows 3.1, PowerPoint 4.0, and an LCD panel, I wheeled this setup into the classroom for the first time. Not only was it my first experience working with such a speed demon of a beast, it was also the first time my students had seen the use of a computer in the classroom.

As I began traveling down technology road, I ventured into developing tutorials using the authoring software, Toolbook. Naturally, side roads appeared and allowed me to turn onto different roads and journeys. During my journey, I found that I had an addiction to technology and a gift to take a variety of material to make an end product that proved helpful for student learning.

Using a variety of software, microphones, and image capturing devices, I have been able to create a variety of instructional material that ranges from tutorials, mock board examinations, practice quizzes, games to mobile applications. The vast majority of what I have developed serves as supplemental material for my students but allowed me to branch out into teaching in an online environment.

Although the development and use of instructional technology have been a long and winding road, it would have never been possible without the support of Guilford Technical Community College, most of the faculty in the dental department, and my students.

As an educator, we should provide instruction in a manner which helps other to learn. I have been successful in my journey thanks to the support that I have been given.


RJFoster, DMD Resume


I believe most educators teach in the same manner as they were taught. I do not focus on whether this is good or bad; I focus on the need to use instructional techniques that meet the needs of today's student.


My vision is to provide education to those in search of it. Whether the need revolves around obtaining a certification course on monitoring nitrous oxide approved by the NCSBDE, or an educator having a desire to develop eLearning material, the need is there, and I am there to help.